How can i set up an appointment?

There are several ways that you can set up an appointment, so you can choose the option that is easiest for you. 

You can leave me confidential voicemail at 760 469-9310. Please let me know the best time to reach you and I will make every attempt to call you within 24 hours. 

You can also email me at

You can also contact me through my online form.

If you have any questions, just ask! I sincerely look forward to hearing from you!

What happens during my Soul Path Session?

I will be learning more about the spiritual path that you have been set on and give you some specific guidance for understanding your unique focus and needs. This is a wonderful experience that most people respond to with wonder and awe. Get ready to learn more about your Soulful Self.

How is Soul Path psychology different than traditional psychology?

Great question! Soul Path psychology unlike traditional psychology addresses the intellectual, feeling and spiritual parts of your being. It’s including more of who you really are. The word “Psyche” means soul, so the more you grow the more your deeper self longs to be acknowledged and understood.

We still address concerns from your everyday life, like emotional and relationship challenges, but with the added benefit of a Higher and more inclusive perspective. Most clients say that their Soul Path Sessions add an empowering and validating aspect to their life. Clients often say that this essential element makes a huge difference in Self Esteem and it is what they have always wanted in their traditional psychotherapy sessions.


As a highly trained and seasoned therapist and Spiritual Counselor, my goal is to help you achieve the connection you have been desiring to connect to the deepest Wisdom in order to find real healing. Soul Path sessions are 60 minutes in length and cost $175 per session. Acceptable forms of payment include all major credit cards, and in some cases checks or cash are accepted.

Do you take insurance for reimbursement?

I understand that having health insurance can be important when you have medical issues and expenses. However, spiritual coaching and counseling is not covered by most insurance policies. If you have issues that are related to a traditional mental health issue (anxiety, depression, addiction, etc.) and wish to receive traditional psychotherapy that your insurance may reimburse you for, I invite you to contact my psychotherapy practice (Palm Desert Counseling) at 760.773.0669. We can schedule an appointment and provide you with a courtesy bill that you can submit to your insurance company for possible out-of-network provider reimbursement.


If you need to cancel your appointment, please do so at least 48 hours in advance of your scheduled session time. You will be responsible for the full fee and charged for the time reserved when cancellations are received less than 48 hours in advance.

Will my session be confidential?

Yes. Confidentiality is a key component of the counseling relationship, allowing you a safe place to work through personal issues. Your right to confidentiality will be carefully maintained and will not be disclosed without your written permission, except in cases of possible harm to yourself or others (especially children or the elderly) or a criminal court subpoena.

Do I have to be religious to seek Spiritual Support?

No not at all. While we will honor your specific religious path, it is not necessary to have one. This wisdom is not confined to any one doctrine and, in most cases, enhances your current path, whether secular, agnostic or religious. An open mind and readiness is all that is required!