Soul Path Sessions for Couples



Have you ever thought that we enter romantic relationships to learn more about your soul's path?  As beautiful and magical as falling in love is we are then often challenged to our core when trying to live everyday life with our beloved.  I have found that teaching Couples strategies for better communication is not enough. There is a need to truly understand the deeper reasons we have been brought together.

In Soul Path sessions we are able to explore the sacred agreements that you unconsciously signed up for when you chose your partner. These sacred agreements are mystical keys that open doors to the potential for soul expansion and natural compassion in your relationship with your self and with your partner.

Some of the insights you will discover in your Soul Path Sessions are:

  • The specific strengths of your pairing that will allow you to experience more joy with each other
  • The unique challenges being presented and the best way to overcome them so that you can have more peace and enduring healing
  • How you can truly help your partner and yourself let go of old attachments to "being right"  and instead experience "being free"
  • Learn Love Keys that open doorways to deeper, soulful communication so that you can have access to higher forms of love and creativity