Deborah Meints-Pierson's Professional Bio

Deborah is a master therapist, spiritual teacher, television host, author and 3rd generation intuitive. She has helped transform the lives of thousands of people around the world. Her pioneering approach bridges Psychology, Spirituality and the Mystic Tools.

Through her private sessions, couples counseling, group programs and seminars Deborah specializes in helping adults find their soul path, connect with their dreams and celebrate their coming of age.  She’s also known for helping couples bring the magic back and restore happiness to their relationships.


Deborah is a sought out authority in the field of psychology and has served as a Palm Springs psychological expert for tv, radio and print. She wrote and Co-Hosted the popular television program "It's A Family Affair" on Time Warner Television for over a decade.  Deborah has been featured in numerous shows, radio programs and publications including NBC, ABC, K-News Voice of The Valley, Desert Sun Newspaper, Desert Woman magazine and Health & Spirituality magazine.

She currently lives with her husband in Coachella Valley where she sees clients locally in person and worldwide through phone sessions. When Deborah is not transforming lives you can find her hiking in the beautiful desert, music jamming with friends, dancing, praticing yoga, reading, writing poetry, planning parties and occasionally indulging in making a scrumptious cheesecake.


What Clients Experience Working With Deborah:

“My time spent with Deborah is an opportunity to discover who I am from the inside out.

Other’s expectations may be strong, but through conversation and guidance, Deborah helps me see it is okay to choose from the heart, and live from the soul. I appreciate her intuitive spirit, and willingness to walk with me as life choices are made."

-Mary N

“I owe my life to Deborah Meints-Pierson. Whether dealing with divorce, legal problems, health concerns, relationship issues, or family tragedies, Deborah has skillfully used a wide variety of therapeutic styles to help me learn, grow, and prosper from these difficult – but inevitable – life challenges.

And while she didn’t literally save my life, she most certainly saved the living of that life many times over. Deborah has shepherded me through countless crises and life issues toward satisfying resolutions that have enhanced my life and added deep measures of peace that would not have been possible without her guidance.  She has served as a traditional therapist, a teacher/coach, and a spiritual advisor who has helped me to realize a quality of life beyond even my wildest dreams. She has patiently “held my hand” through the healing of numerous wounds, and, after the healing was complete, introduced me to worlds I never knew existed – worlds that changed the trajectory of my path and rocketed me into a life full of amazement and wonder! Whether using traditional therapeutic principles or new, cutting-edge methods, Deborah’s work is nothing short of brilliant. My life is far richer and more complete because of my association with her. I wholeheartedly recommend Deb to anyone who longs to make a difference:  in their own lives, in the lives of others, or in the world at large."

- Steve M.