Private Soul Path Sessions

I have discovered that we all have a sacred destiny.  The challenges in our lives can be transformed by having an idea of what the lessons are about.  We can choose to play the high or low card of any given situation.  Knowing that there is a greater picture than the painful one we are seeing is immeasurably valuable to my clients and myself.  The Universe has a design, a plan, a loving and empowering path that all of us can take.  After years of psychological and spiritual study I feel that I have found the Rosetta Stone to decode true and helpful information to myself and others.


what to expect from private SOUL path sessions:

Appreciate life lessons to understand how to move forward in life confidently

Find joyful possibilities when you are lost in grief and darkness so that you know that the power of your light can lead you to a better life in any circumstance

Work with subtle energy and discover how it can help heal you

Understand the Spiritual Lessons being presented so than you can overcome resentment and be a hopeful person at any age

Reconnect to Source Energy so that you  can feel Love and Inspiration whenever you need it.

Learn your Personal Life Curriculum when you’re burned out so that you experience miracles and energy shifts

Develop inner vision when you’re unsure of yourself so that you can reprogram your Nervous System with Love and Knowing

See how truly powerful you are so that instead of falling into a sense of depression and loneliness you can plant the seeds to go ahead and start something wonderful

Open doorways to creativity and joy so that you can see how powerful you are as a co creator and co designer of your life path


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  • Your Life Purpose
  • Challenges for your Soul Path
  • Your Life Lessons
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