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Deborah Meints-Pierson

My name is Deborah and I have been a psychotherapist for thirty years. I have helped thousands on their journey of self exploration and discovery to find what truly heals them. My own journey has led me to create the most successful counseling center in the Coachella Valley, co-host a popular television show on Time Warner TV ("It's A Family Affair") and author a book on how to use successful relationship strategies.

I have been trained in traditional and sacred psychology, exploring from the ground up what makes our human experience meaningful, wholesome and enlightening. I am grateful that I have been able to share what I discover in the sacred settings of individual, couples and group psychotherapy. My exploration has also led me to study the insights of the Mystic Sciences and how to create powerful, positive life changes. Soul Path Sessions transcend the boundaries of traditional psychotherapy and embrace the possibilities that lie beyond that discipline. The root word of psychology is "psyche" which means SOUL, a word that had fallen out of fashion in the psychotherapy field, but whose inclusion unlocks the doorway to faith, purpose and power.









The light of your soul is shining on your path.

If you are feeling scattered I will help you tap into and trust the right things to give you the courage to find and follow your soul path.


I help make spirit visible. Spirit is potential, joy, and co-creation. Spirit gives guidance to relationship with ourselves, to time, to partnership, and to creativity.  I will help you using the wisdom of the conscious (what you know) and subconscious mind (your body, dreams, and destiny).

“Faith is taking the first step, even when you don’t see the whole staircase.”
— Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

This Is A Deep Exploration Into

What Truly Heals You.   

Ways You Can Work With Me...

Private Sessions

I offer Soul Path Sessions for individuals and couples to help them understand their sacred journey

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Group Programs

Join the "Coming Of Age" circle for those 50+ or learn to understand and decode "The Magic Power Of Dreams."

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Here's WHAT MY CLIENTS are saying about working with me


“I cannot overstate how working with Deborah has dramatically improved the quality of my life, which in turn, is enabling me to help thousands of other people.

Deborah is wise, insightful, kind, accepting, funny and empathetic. She can also be no-nonsense, when that is called for. She can be a traditional psychotherapist when needed. She can also step outside of the traditional realm and embrace the mystical aspects of life.

Working with her has been one of the biggest and most profound gifts I've ever given myself. The fact that I've found her and have been able to work with her is further evidence that the Universe is a kind and merciful one. I will forever be grateful to her. Thank you, thank you, thank you."

- Jennifer K.


“I had never personally sought help prior to working with Deborah, I had thought doing so was a sign of weakness. There was grave hesitation in working with anyone - but I had an immediate connection with Deborah.

She helped me with the unexpected breakup of my long-term marriage. For the first time in my life I was unable to cop. The emotional and mental pain were overwhelming and while outwardly I was functioning, inwardly I was drowning, not comprehending what had happened and why, and mourning incessantly the sudden betrayal and abandonment.

I told Deborah initially that all I wanted to do was move on, and quickly. Little did I realize the depth it would take to uncover and grasp the what and why, and to visit myself from childhood to adult in the process. Obviously, working with Deborah and continuing this exploration was and is more than rewarding, My life has taken a different turn, resulting in exposure to ideas and experiences I just never had or even saw the possibilities of, and lots of personal growth. My narrow existence has expanded, and I am gratified."

-Wilba H.


“I initially came to Deborah because of an affair I had which I found was just a symptom of a much larger underlying issue. As time progressed I told her how I had been sexually, physically, emotionally and spiritually abused as a child and teenager. Eventually, I finally realized that I had a serious drug and alcohol problem. Deborah helped work “through” all of these issues.

The process of working through my issues with Deborah was a difficult one made easier by Deborah. For the first time in my life my feelings were validated with love and understanding. I was broken in a way no man should be broken, yet Deborah was both empathetic and patient. She allowed me to talk about my feelings and then gave me feedback and insight that allowed me to change from being a victim to a victor. Today I am over ten-years sober, I no longer live as a victim and have learned to love myself.

I have written a book entitled "Healing the Man Within" to help men that have been sexually abused, as well as women and their families, heal from the wounds and scars of that abuse. I have become a CADC-I licensed drug and alcohol counselor. I am also attending Bible College and will be the mens pastor at my church within a year. While my life is not without struggles, it is a life beyond my wildest dreams.  I was sick and tired of being sick and tired and I knew I needed to change, and in order to change I needed help. I made my recovery a priority in my life, so when I was told about Deborah there was absolutely no hesitation, I was all in.

While I cannot say with absolute certainty, but had I not started working with Deborah, I likely would not be writing this as I would likely be in jail or worse yet, dead.

Thank you Deborah for your gentle, loving and understanding approach with me. I know that I did the work, but you gave me the guidance I needed to save my own life. Today my wife and I have celebrated over thirty-years of marriage. Our lives and relationship just keep better and our love for each other keeps getting stronger."

-Randy Boyd, CADC-1, Certified Life Coach, Author: "Healing the Man Within"