Dream Tending: Learn To Work With Your Dreams


You Will Learn How To...

  • Invite your Dream body to speak to you so that you can ask and receive answers to your most important questions in order to have the Highest and Best outcomes in your relationships and endeavors.
  • Attract what you most desire on your Destiny Path by reading the symbols of dream language and using your super consciousness to draw what you most need towards you.
  • Discover precise techniques for capturing your most important dreams in order to see the patterns that are blocking you from realizing your goals and face them once and for all so that you can move forward with love and strength.
  • Tap into more excitement and passion in your Sacred Life as you realize that your dreams offer you practical ways to unleash your Brilliance and Creative problem solving so that you feel confident that you are on the right path and can handle your life challenges with newfound skill.
Dreams are the answers to the questions that we’ve yet learned to ask.
— Fox Mulder
Never be afraid, you will trust and know and go beyond.
— The Angels

My Introduction To Dreams...

My grandfather thought that dreams were interesting and shared them with my mother and aunt when they were growing up.

Later he shared them with me, mostly when they were amusing or surprising. The gentle absurdity and constant wonder of dream time was introduced to me in this way. The night my grandfather died we were celebrating Thanksgiving together. Our family had suffered a devastating blow because my father had taken his own life just three months prior. We were hobbling together a turkey dinner with my mom, new husband, brother and grandparents. We needed to make this day work. We needed to think forward. My brother and I played tennis while my grandparents walked hand and hand around the tennis estates, celebrating in the  best way we could, a house warming for my mom's new life and first night in her new condo. 

After dinner, my grandfather and I sat in front of the fireplace singing simple songs and sharing sweet memories.

Then my grandfather told me about his dream the night before. He said that he had been in a dark ocean and that there was on oil tanker that had a  rusted hole in the side. Endless oil was spilling out into the sea.  He couldn't make heads or tails of this strange nighttime episode~ it was nonsensical dream that made us laugh and wonder. 

I headed home and went to bed, a few hours later the phone rang.  It was my mother's panicked voice. "Daddy has had a massive heart attack in the guest room, they've taken him to the hospital. Follow us there."

We were standing in our robes in the harsh light of the hospital corridor when the doctor told us what we already knew.

Grandpa didn't make it and no we wouldn't want to see him like this. It was two weeks before my mother could speak again. My grandmother never returned to this world entirely. Despite this shock and tragedy , I knew that the leaky oil tanker was my grandfather's heart and that his dream was  more than nonsensical entertainment, it was a Divine message. 

For this reason, when people want to explore their dreams I know that they must be ready.

Dream tending is not for the faint of heart. Our dreams speak to us in the mysterious language of the subconscious mind. They tell us what we are really feeling, what a part of us knows but may be either denying or dismissing. As disturbing as my grandfather's death dream was it also provided me with  a quiet reassurance.  Some part of him knew that he was going to die and he told me, the child who would become a dream tender. 

Not all dreams forecast sorrowful events, many are predictive of joyful passages that we must ready ourselves for.

When I was longing for a child I dreamed that I had given birth to a beautiful daughter that I left behind in an airplane so that I could visit the Saint Louis Gateway Arch.  When I returned to the plane the attendants wouldn't give my child back to me. I was incredulous and passionately protested that my little adventure shouldn't have cost me so much.  I awoke and wrote about  this dream with tears were still streaming down my cheeks.  I knew that I must decode and heed its message. 

Dream tending has taught me to treat my dreams and the dreams of others as a precious gift that needs time to incubate so that the lessons and messages can be applied to our waking lives.

I had been taught to draw my dreams as well. With no artistic skill required,  I drew the arch, the plane, and the careless bundle I'd left behind. Slowly, over the course of weeks, I realized something that my conscious mind had rejected. 

My mind had gotten ahead of my body, hence the airplane.  I'd been traveling too fast and ignored the fact that  I needed to bridge my desire to travel with my desire to parent.  The St Louis Gateway Arch was a perfect symbol of the work I had to complete. The Arch is a monument built to honor the westward expansion of the United States. While I didn't consciously know this at the time, my subconscious mind knew that I could not push forward to expand my family until I had realized quieter knowings.  I had been denying the part of me that knew that a child would curb my freedom.  Obeying the voice of my dream, I took three years to honor the part of me that needed to travel abroad as well as take weekend trips to the mountains and oceans. Three years later I was ready to bring my wonderful daughter Zoe into the world. 

Death, birth, direction, release and renewal are some of the themes that we visit in our sleep.

After years of studying and sharing dreams in my own and other's dream groups I continue to tap into the Deep River of the mystic Knower who speaks when the conscious mind is quiet. It is powerful to explore the world of dreams in group settings and private sessions. When your dreams puzzle, disturb  and challenge you it is time to dream tend. 

Years ago, amidst another tempestuous time in my life, five female angels sang to me  in my sleep "Never be afraid, you will trust and know and go beyond." Their other worldly soprano voices lifted and filled me with Divine reassurance and reaffirmed what I know in my Soul. We are deeply loved and when we allow Mystic messengers to help us on our Earth journey we are less afraid and more inspired to do what we must do.  Dream tending is a powerful way to tap into the Eternal Force that is leading us towards wholeness and peace.  It is my great joy to help you decode and honor your dreams that are seeking to help you realize your Destiny Path.