This group is designed to help you understand how valuable and beautiful you are becoming as you age.

You will discover how your soul qualities are maturing to accomplish the tasks of aging with power and grace.

These tasks include knowing what is of most importance in your life and developing confidence to realize your most vital wisdom so that you can heal your relationship with yourself, with your significant others, your work and your future aspirations. The outdated stigma of ageism will be examined and, with a level gaze and firm stance, you will be able to identify what you know from your own experience and what has been strengthened in you by the company of other women, who are both friends and peers.
The most important discipline that we will work with is honoring the heart's deep demand for sisterhood and wise woman connectedness by making time for our gatherings. In this sacred setting of intimacy and safety, participants will learn to listen to their bodies, in order to balance self care with love for others.  We will cherish our on-going life stories in order to build self-compassion, the only true path to self love.
Women naturally teach each other balance and discernment when we clear a space for cherishing deep engagement with the wisdom center of one another's company. It is of vital importance to study carefully, soulfully and thoughtfully, one's life path, the lessons learned, and to contemplate the ongoing presentation of life lessons.  It is essential to and protect and tend your inner visions and dreams so that they can be birthed into meaningful and grounded action.  This only happens when we, as women, take time to appreciate what life has led us through and is now leading us towards.

What you will learn in this program:

  • What is your story? Get to know yourself so that you can become an interested and willing participant in your joyful evolution
  • Explore Hidden Pain and Hidden Power so that you are not afraid to tap into the energy that’s been hiding and use it to fulfill your deepest dreams
  • Honor and Release Old Rules so that you can create life enhancing boundaries.  It is time to let go of useless guilt, fear and toxic shame so that you can have the extra energy and vitality for what you really want and need
  • Dream Tending – Explore your Night Dreams so that you can access the wonder of the Inner Knower, find Inner Gold and create beautiful Days
  • Risk Being Assertive in order to deliver a clear message about what you truly want so that you can  free up more creative time
  • Connect to your Body and Soul Wisdom in order to finally love the Real You, The Wise Woman within and Use her Knowledge
  • The Power of Silence in order to access instant peace, Universal power and vision
  • Deep Engagement with Nature to refresh your spirit and experience true abundance
  • Intimate Sharing with Wisdom Path Peers so that you have exponential support on your Soul Journey by honoring your sorrows and celebrating your accomplishments with other Wise Women
  • See the Eagle’s View of the Soul's Path so that you don’t get stuck in the small stuff and can put your lessons in perspective.  Like the Eagle you will be able to rise above and choose what you will dive into with certainty and confidence.
  • Discover the Power of Self Acceptance with Age so that you can shine with True Beauty, share the Elixir of  Eldership and live the Privilege of  being the Wonderful Wise Woman that you truly are

“I was facing the idea of getting older and trying to determine how to handle the “coming of the years” with all its attendant fears and challenges.

I had wanted to meet Deborah ever since I saw some television work she did when I first moved to the desert so I did not have any hesitations about seeing her.  She was the main reason I decided to take some time for myself and seek out support.

Deborah helped me access my feelings and opened up places in my heart and mind that I had not been in touch with for quite awhile. Deborah is a highly intelligent, well read, creative woman with great warmth and a genuine interest in and curiosity about life and our roles in it (ever changing it seems.). My work with Deborah included the collaboration of a particular group of people that was very special. I felt drawn out of myself and really connected to everyone in the group, which was very helpful to me because I tend to feel closed off from people. Everyone in our group were all really exceptional and funny and warm and combined with Deborah's inspiration and wealth of readings, insights, poetry, magic, and music I just opened up more and felt I could more easily access the creative side of my brain. Thank you Deborah for your experiences and knowledge which helped enlighten me and make me more aware of my own stories and the role they have played in becoming the woman I am. xoxoxoxo

- Leslie

“It’s really such a delight to work with such an incredibly gifted practitioner as Deborah- who packs a powerful punch on all levels - intellectual, psychological, emotional and spiritual.

Thank You Deborah for modeling what I want to grow into more and more. I am so grateful to have that powerful female modeling in my life.  I'm also grateful for my willingness to keep showing up for myself, my inner children, my life. I am grateful to be focusing on keeping the power in and running through me, rather than on what he is doing. Thank you for helping me heal."